Thursday, March 12, 2009

thursday already?

I wore a dress again today. When will the madness end?

In advising me on how to act in an important meeting someone suggested I "dial down the Christy." Is it sad I had a pretty good idea what they meant? Is it sad that you probably do too?

For the record, it went fine. Nylons help me pretend I'm a proper grownup.

I realized about 3pm that all I'd eaten was a donut and a reduced fat breakfast sandwich from Starbucks. Apparently my body is still living off all the junk I ate last week. Mmm. Junk.

Work has actually been improving lately -- well, I'm still crazy busy and subject to all sorts of stress and not getting to spend as much quality time at home, but things are better than they've been. I'll take it.

1 comment:

Lily said...

"Dial down the Christy!" I love it, totally going to use it.