Sunday, January 09, 2011

DIY Motivation - Sticker Mania

Image from Sir Simon Marsden's "The Haunted Realm" calendar

Because the internet has been lax in heaping validation upon me, I bought myself a half-off calendar and a mess o' stickers. I haven't worked all the details out yet, but for the days I make progress towards a goal, I get a fancy sticker or three.

Calendars are important decisions and set the theme for my year. In the past I've gone with painting reproductions or places I'd like to visit. This year I needed something a bit more playful, something steeped in high contrast and mystery. So I chose "The Haunted Realm."

At Target I bought a sticker kit for boys -- because it came with robot stickers. The sticker kit for girls was all princesses and flowers. Frankly I find robots to be far more motivating. When was the last time a flower wanted to be my overlord?

One thing I've learned from Weight Watchers and World of Warcraft is that I have endless patience with repetitive tasks if some small award or achievement awaits me at the end. Oh? Kill six billion naga for a crummy staff and 1000 xp? Okay! Attend 16 meetings and get a key chain that's too flimsy to hold keys? SIGN ME UP.

So here I am playing the Motivation Home Game. Oh! Maybe I should give myself a sticker for publishing blog posts!

Gives a whole new meaning to the term "sticker-tuitiveness." Ba dum dum.

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