Saturday, January 29, 2011

That Time I Crushed the Cat

The answer to the question in the last post is... 24. I had 24 books next to my bed. The pile included "Remembrance of Things Past," a couple of Kafka novels, a Prague travel guide, a cookbook (Best Make Ahead Recipes by Cook's Illustrated), "The War of Art," "Interactive Storytelling," and an assortment of business and writing books.

Thanks to everyone who guessed. As promised, I grant you my profound respect and mad props.

While stacking the books on the bed to count, I realized the pile was feeling a little squishy. Vash, our male cat, burrows under the covers and you can't tell he's under there. Apparently I was stacking books on him. At about five, I figured it out and stopped, but darned if he just stayed put and didn't even make a noise.

He's so weird.

Says the pot to the kettle.


AZGypsie said...

Cats are just whack!! I don't get them at all! Not to say I don't love them, but they are probably the most enigmatic creature we have the pleasure of petting.

Karen said...

Our kitty had a tendency to do that for awhile there--she was going through a particularly stressful time and we'd blocked off access to her usual under-the-bed hiding place, so she started burrowing under the covers instead. She eventually stopped, and thank god she did, because I laid down on her once and Husband sat on her twice, all without us knowing she was there. Luckily, each time we figured it out before our full body weight was on her, but made me nervous to ever sit on our bed! She never made a sound when it happened, either; just crawled out and ran away afterwards with a disgusted look on her face.