Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Luck Be a Lady

I met friends downtown last night. On the bus ride home, I realized I couldn't find my keys.

It was snowing.

Jeremy is the best. He came out and brought me my car key so I could get home. And then he put cables on my tires.

So I feel pretty stupid about this. Why am I sharing?

For two reasons. One, I got lucky. Two, Jer deserves credit for rescuing me.

I took the bus downtown this afternoon and went back to the last place we ended up. I waited until the lunch crowd was gone and asked the host if anyone had turned in keys. He disappeared to the back for awhile. Then they needed someone to open the safe. Finally, the manager came out dangling a set and said, "Are these your keys?"

Sweet baby Einstein. They had my keys.

I feel two parts stupid and one part incredibly lucky. In short a typical Wednesday around here.


KikiRiki said...

You had a bad Key day didn't you :(

Christy said...

Yes! It was a bad day to be one of my keys.

Maya said...

Wow, that IS lucky!

WV: paper. I think this is a good omen for you!