Thursday, January 06, 2011

When imagination fails

I still feel like I'm waking up. Both in the sense of this morning and in general.

Jer's alarm wakes me literally now, along with Vash standing sternly on my sternum. He is sooo hungry. I am killlling him. Meow meow meeeooooow.

The TV just told me, "Fool's gold only forms in environments that lack oxygen." That seems reasonable and appropriate.

Speaking of waking up, I've been having the most mundane nightmares. A few themes repeat: late for a flight, can't find a bathroom, lost in an endlessly connected building or place that I am half familiar with. Elevators or stairs are usually involved.

If my brain must go to the trouble to upset me with misplaced urgency, I might as well dream something colorful and shareworthy. But no. Yesterday I found myself waiting for a breakfast burrito that never arrived. This morning I couldn't get a ride to the airport so I missed my flight.

So much for pushing the boundaries of my imagination. Sometimes I dream I didn't get the correct change. It is very upsetting to wake before that injustice is rectified!

Note to self in future: when you bake an Angel Food Cake, it will overflow the Bundt pan. Put a cookie sheet under it or I predict burned sugar in your future, future-self.

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