Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Kitten Comparison

Vash at six weeks

Since I posted a picture of Vash at 8ish years in the last post, a photo of him at 6 weeks is above for comparison. When I took this one he was perched on top of the scratching post squeaking at me. I was in photography school in Santa Barbara, CA, at the time and took it with slide film and scanned it.

As an aside, I do not miss slide film. Digital all the way.

Someone bought me a "Cook's Illustrated" subscription for Christmas and I have no idea who. I love it though. And I wish I could thank you -- although I've been so very terrible at sending thank you acknowledgments this year. No matter how guilty I feel, it doesn't stop me from procrastinating. What's that about?

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Maya said...

Awww, so little. So cute.

I don't really miss the slides either. It was a pain in the butt to get a poster sized print made from one. Though I do love how the photos pop on the screen.