Saturday, January 01, 2011

1st Quarter Milestone Check

For New Year's Eve Jer and I watched two sets of fireworks. The first was in World of Warcraft at 9pm. (Server time is three hours ahead.) Our goblins stood on the top of Orgrimmar and watched the colorful lights explode in the distance; I was disguised as a human ninja due to eating some bad fish.

The second set were on the couch at midnight. We watched fireworks shoot out of the Space Needle from every direction on television. Then we congratulated ourselves for not having to drive in the aftermath.

In West Seattle our apartment overlooked a prime fireworks viewing location. Every New Year's I sat in my window with a blanket wrapped around my shoulders and allowed myself to be appalled by human behavior.

Too many cars. Too little parking. Too many drunk people. Together, the chaos is advisable to avoid but fun to watch. I'd look away from the especially dangerous car stunts, in the hopes I wouldn't have to be a witness at some accidental manslaughter trial.

But it had charm, that place. And two parking spots. These are good things.

So do I have a resolution this year? Eh. A big part of me feels like if you commit to a resolution you're giving the universe an opportunity to knock you down. That isn't very optimistic though.

I'll approach it then as a status check. I've lost nearly 20 pounds on Weight Watchers since August 2010 and I plan to continue the momentum. I've quit my job to write. I've written a short play, a short story, started storyboarding the novel, and I plan to continue producing and learning in 2011. (Then rejoin the working world when I'm ready.) I've had some fun building an arsenal of recipes this year, and I plan to continue being curious about new flavors and subjects.

As I wrote in 2005, "Happy New Years to you and yours. May it bring everything you desire and only some of what you deserve."


Maya said...

I think you and I are on the same page. My goals are the same as they were in December. Also, I'm trying to get my photography going before I take another "real" job. bleh.

Christy said...

I'm rooting for you, Maya. :)

Maya said...

Thanks! Ditto.