Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Happy News

I'm very excited to announce I sold my horror story British Guiana, 1853 to a new anthology, Dark Tales of Lost Civilizations, due out in spring 2012.

All 25 stories are around the theme of "dark tales of Horror, Speculative Fiction, and to a lesser degree Science Fiction, relating to civilizations that are lost, or have been forgotten, or have been rediscovered, or perhaps merely spoken about in great and fearful whispers."

Here's the full announcement: http://ericjguignard.blogspot.com/2011/11/acceptances-announced.html

It's especially exciting because I'll be sharing the table of contents with another member of my sci-fi/fantasy writing group, Andrew Williams, as well as an author whose name many of you will be familiar with: Joe R. Lansdale. Mr. Lansdale has won a great many awards and written many great works, including the novella that the movie Bubba Ho-Tep (starring Bruce Campbell) was based on. It's really an honor to be included in the same book as him. (Not that that implies anything by association, not really. Still excited though.)

I'm looking forward to reading the other 24 stories in the anthology. Competition must have been fierce since I am aware of the quality of some of the other stories that didn't make it. I feel very honored to have been selected.

I'll keep you updated on the release info. There may even be an opportunity to hear me read this story at an event. Fingers crossed!


Karen said...

Congratulations! :)

Folly Blaine said...

Thanks, Karen! :)

Mark said...

Hey, Folly Blaine,
Congratulations on your acceptance.
Glad to be sharing a table of contents with you.


Folly Blaine said...

Hi Mark,

Congratulations to you as well. I look forward to reading, "To Run a Stick Through a Fish."

I ran across your blog when I was following the Machine of Death submissions -- I also submitted but wasn't selected. It must be fascinating living in Japan. I've only been to Tokyo once, but I would love to see more of the country someday. Thanks for stopping by.


Mark said...

Japan is a great place to visit and an even better place to live if you have the stomach for it, that is for sure. Make sure you come again, there's plenty here for a storyteller like yourself.