Thursday, November 03, 2011

Knee-deep in nonsense

Since we last shared internet private time, I've learned my cat is a freak for chicken noodle soup. Yet another factoid school failed to teach me.

I'm kidding, teachers. You do good work.

I've written about half the words I plan to write today, so you are finding me mid-workday. (Ready for a nap! But not napping!) I'll be trying something new and leaving the house this evening to write around other people. Generally I am not good at this. (I suffer from severe chattiness) So to distract myself from All The People Around I Could Talk To, I will bring my iPod of Productivity.

It helps me focus if I assign random labels to everything. It lends my surroundings an air of pseudo-importance.

You should know there is a squirrel on the fence outside my window. He has a fluffy tail. I took a picture with my mind but we are not yet advanced enough for me to share it with you. I am sorry for this.

Clearly I am knee-deep in nonsense and the soda I'm drinking won't improve matters. On Twitter, a writerly friend and I came up with the idea of making a calendar of awkward costumes writers wear when they work. (Bright orange, cut-off gloves for me.) Like a pin-up calendar of awkwardness. Would probably feature a high percentage of unkempt folks in their pajamas. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

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