Friday, November 25, 2011

November Status

With five days left in the month, this is slightly premature, but I forgive myself. Here are my November numbers for writing submissions.

Submissions: 4

Rejections: 5

Acceptance: 1 for "British Guiana, 1853," in Dark Tales of Lost Civilizations, coming spring 2012

Pending Submissions (carried over): 3

Summary: As of 11/25/11, I have a total of 6 active submissions in the wild. In the last six months (although two items have been tracked since February) I've received a total of 4 acceptances and 23 rejections covering 19 stories. Eleven of the 19 I've stopped submitting, at least for now. (So the 19 breaks down into: 11 trunked, 4 accepted, 4 pending -- plus 2 others pending that were accepted previously and I don't want to count twice)

When I list it out like this I don't feel so damn lazy. It's actually pretty encouraging. I don't know how much longer I'll keep sharing my numbers, but I thought it might be interesting to other writers out there who are going through the same slog.


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