Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Car Repair Achievement Unlocked

As a NaNoWriMo winner, I was so excited to receive a 50% discount for purchasing Scrivener, the novel writing software I mentioned in my last post. I've since installed the software and I think this is going to be the start of a beautiful relationship.

In other news I walked the mile (a brisk overcast 36 degree walk) to pick up my car and we're reunited at last. It has a new alternator, wiper blades, spark plugs, wires for the spark plugs, and some oil thingie that was previously leaking.

Of course, it doesn't feel any different. When I dropped off the car the battery light was on. Now the battery light is off, my credit card is weeping, my radio stations are gone, and I am left with a multi-page receipt. I am sure it was worth it though.

My car is my freedom. Give me a minute and I will write some sort of anthem about it. Involving convenience and carpooling and rest stops. Possibly drive-in burger restaurants and theaters, and going places mass transit dare not go. Like really steep hills.

In writing news I'm still chugging away on my newest short story. It's about 900 words so far. I'm guessing it'll finish around 3,000.


Maya said...

Hah! I had to read this to Janet just for the radio stations line. Brilliant!

Folly Blaine said...

Thanks, Maya. :) I'm glad you liked it!