Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Dreaded Urgent Errand Beast Rears Its Ugly Head

Updating the blog helps me keep the days straight in my head, so without getting too personal, here we go...

I've been reading about people's health scares and thinking it was time to find a local doctor. So, long story short, I met my new doctor today. Fun times. (See? Not so bad.) The most interesting part was when the doctor let her dog into the examination room.

I wrapped presents for my nieces and took them to the post office, where I learned something new. If you recycle a USPS brand flat rate box and wrap it in brown paper so it's impossible to tell what kind of box it is, they still charge you as if it's a flat rate box, which for me made the shipping more expensive by $2.55 versus a normal box. Weird, huh?

If you want the Cliff's Notes on my point, here it is: the post office penalizes you for reusing boxes.

I took a detour to Grocery Store Outlet, where they have the best frozen dinners (Amy's for cheap!) and deals on fancy wine.

Picked up a few things at Walgreens and thought my head was going to explode from all the noise. (I do not expect sympathy.)

And other stuff. It's almost 5pm and I've written nothing, but tonight I've blocked off time for my horror story and I think I know the next scene.

December has basically been me playing catchup for ignoring all of my obligations in November to write a novel that isn't a novel. But now that my car is working (knock on wood), I have a doctor, most of the presents are shipped, and we have fancy discount wine, maybe the voices in my head will let me write again.

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