Sunday, June 08, 2008

The good news is: I'm not hungover

I spoke with more people in the last two days than probably the last 2 weeks. Friday night was a birthday party that featured tasty food (goat cheese stuffed peppers, chorizo, my beer dip ha), excellent company, and wine. Saturday began with a hair cut, then a fundraising barbecue for Courtney's 3-Day walk participation. From there, Jer and I drove downtown to hear Anthony Bourdain speak for an hour and a half.

The show was at the Moore Theatre in downtown Seattle. We chose to walk a few blocks and parked at 5th and Pike, $7 until midnight. Cold but no rain. Entered the theatre shortly before eight, found our seats, and waited. We were in almost the last row of seats under the balcony, next to the sound guy, and I was worried about acoustics, but it ended up being just fine. If the man himself hadn't been so entertaining, we would've been far more distracted by the constant opening of doors (people! why can't you sit STILL for 40 freakin' minutes) and the random bright bursts of flash photography.

He spoke a bit about "Top Chef," not much. Teased us with hints about the upcoming season of "No Reservations." Shared his global and historical perspective on the evolution of gastronomy -- the first person to eat a snail was not a gourmet! I laughed, I thought, I learned, and I don't think you can ask for more out of an evening.

Jer and I stopped at the Tap House before calling it a night to share a plate of hummus and olive tapenade. I had an apple cider and he ordered a mocha porter. Later I crashed and then it was morning again. Which brings us to now. At some point today I am making a pot of chili, washing laundry, posting my photoblog pics for the week, and doing other photo related stuff.

Fremont Fair is only two weekends away!

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Carolyn R said...

Yay, no hangover!

But actually, the good news is: turn around bright eyes!

Thanks for coming to my party. I have a zombie on my desk, lurching at me.