Sunday, June 29, 2008

Jam Packed Saturday

Saturday was the promised picture taking day, but the light was harsh as it was a cloudless un-Seattle 85 degrees. We decided to start the day with lunch and drove up to the Indian restaurant, which turned out to be closed for the weekend, so we walked across the street for brunch at Blackbird.

After food we walked over to check out Atomic Boys. It's a neat little store, not just candy, but some Archie McPhee-type stuff, cards, old school magic tricks I used to buy at Seaport Village (What? That's an inadequate point of reference?), and just cool retro kind of stuff. You should check it out if you're in the area. Jer and I each picked out a few pieces of "candy" -- I bought a chocolate nut cluster and a peanut butter mountain and Jer got a Sky Bar and an Abba-Zabba. Then we walked over to Safeway, bought a couple of sodas, then sat on a Hiawatha Park bench and ate our candy loot. I felt like a rebellious little kid, spoiling my dinner, but actually I was only spoiling the Bloody Mary I had with brunch.

Later we made 42 note cards and at 6pm we went to Discovery Park to test out the new lens. My photos turned out mediocre, I think, but maybe I'll be able to do something with them in Photoshop. The sun was in the wrong place rendering my Polarizer useless. Mount Rainier was out though, so I think one of those pictures will turn up in the photoblog. But hey, we certainly got our exercise traipsing out to the lighthouse and back...

Last but not least, we debated about dinner for awhile and ended up on the deck of Madame K's in Ballard. (The GPS is worth its weight in gold, I say.) The restaurant's gimmick is its faux-brothel atmosphere, but the pizza was deep-dish and tasty, the beer was cold, and the deck was relaxing. Not a bad end to a good day.

If you're not a reader of the West Seattle Blog, the sunrise photo I posted yesterday was used to introduce our hot weekend. You can see the article here, if you have any interest.

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