Friday, June 06, 2008

Saving at the Safeway

I went grocery shopping at Safeway last night and bought chili fixin's and the ingredients for beer dip -- cream cheese, shredded cheddar cheese, and hidden valley ranch dip mix, already had beer.

I must have hit a good discount night because it was much less than I normally spend and I came out of there with quite a bit of food, plus a bottle of Eos Zinfandel. True, I took advantage of every coupon and discount at my disposal, but my favorite brownie mix (good until 2009) was something like $0.89 versus $2.00. I don't normally buy brownie mix because I end up eating the entire tray myself, but it'll make a nice dessert for lunch and bringing it for lunch has the added benefit that I can control the portion size. The Zatarain's mixes (red beans and rice and so on) were also $1.00 per box so I loaded up. I am an old school sucker for Zatarain. Oh and cans of tuna fish were on sale, mmmm. So if you're like me and enjoy brownies, beans and rice, and tuna salad, it's time to go shopping! Okay, ground beef was on sale too...

It was another night with odd, persistent dreams and I don't feel awake now. Something about finding blood all over the kitchen and evidence of a hastily covered up murder, asking a roommate about it; they said don't worry, that happened a year ago.

A photo booth that was clogged with trash, but I'd paid my dollar so I cleaned it out.

I hope that's not a veiled prediction about my new lens, which by the way has already shipped. In theory, this time next week it will be mine. (Quick tangent: I am researching graduated neutral density filters and I have it narrowed down to Singh-Ray or Hitech, but then I'm not sure whether to go with the Lee or the Cokin "P" filter holder. Decisions, decisions.)

Meanwhile, back in real life, Vash was in rare form batting the blinds to wake me up. He can be such an ass.

It's a good day because it's Friday. Not Friday the 13th yet, but that is only a week away. Tomorrow night Jer and I see Anthony Bourdain give a talk and next Friday we see Avenue Q. And then the following Friday is the Fremont Fair, where I will have my On Focus Photo booth. I have upgraded several components of my display since the last fair and I'm really looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

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