Sunday, June 08, 2008

My Guitar - Entertaining Offers

Have you ever owned something that's not functional but it's so damn pretty you don't want to give it up?

I feel that way about my acoustic guitar. I wish I could play but I don't want to put in the effort or time. And it's been hard to admit, but my fingers are stubby and not particulary nimble.

I'm on the fence about selling it, but I'm leaning towards letting it go. I own what looks almost exactly like this model, however it says Art & Lutherie Ami inside. (According to people on the Internet, it's actually the economy version of the Seagull Grand Parlor acoustic, marketed as the Art & Lutherie Ami.) Handcrafted in LaPatrie, Quebec, Canada (95% Canadian wood used).

I also have a hard case for it, an electronic tuner, and several how-to books. It's a smaller parlor size, perfect for travel or for children to learn on -- or in my case, it was better suited to my smaller female hands. And it's got nylon strings, so a bit more comfortable. It is designed for playing on your lap at home. It has no strap buttons. The body and top are laminated wild cherry and the neck is silver leaf maple with a rosewood fingerboard and bridge. Nice inlaid rosette around soundhole. Genuine satin lacquer finish for maximum tone.

So I bought it new around 1999 or 2000 and I've played it a few times. Probably 10. Other than that it's lived in the case it's entire life, treated very delicately. Reviews on the Ami model sound quality are very good -- you can see some at this site.

So I think that concludes the research. My price is $315 for the guitar and the hard case and the tuner. The how-to books would be extra. If you'd like to see a picture or ask questions send an email.

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