Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Breaking the 4th Wall

I'm curious. When you're having a less than stellar day, are there any food items, beverages, or restaurants that you crave for a quick pick-me-up?


KermitFan said...

Heck yes! Chocolate is always a good fall-back for food cravings.

When I worked downtown, the seafood taco salad at the Mexican restaurant in the food court by Borders books always made me feel a little better about life.

Currently, the market near my office helps pick me up with a tomato, basil, mozzarella sandwich.

If it's a late afternoon or weekend dulldroms, I go for the bottomless French fries (try the garlic version, it's worth it!) at Red Robin. Yum.

Hope this helps! :-)

KikiRiki said...

Hmm....for me it is, and will always be, pizza. If I feel sad, tired, frustrated or unhappy a slice of pie always cheers me right up.

Oh and Taco Time. But I know how you feel about that. Hmm...I think I'll head there now :)

Carolyn R said...

Does brown liquor count?

George said...


Oh, wait, that's a depressant.

How about some music, instead? Lately I've found it impossible to be down while listening to Los Campesinos.

Christy said...

The problem with this exercise is that you're all making me hungry and thirsty!

Chocolate, pizza, garlic, Mexican food, alcohol, and music... mmmm.

If I hadn't overdosed on cajun tater tots a couple of months ago, that would be high on the list for me. Or a chocolate fudge brownie malt from Ben and Jerry. I would also accept really big carne asada burritos, my dad's fried chicken, cow chip cookies, and... red pepper and goat cheese Pizza Mizza. Oh, and a fatburger with cheese and egg.

(Can you tell I had a Lean Cuisine for lunch?)

Lily said...

Great, now I'm hungry, too.

Looks like a trip to Issaquah for Fatburger and to the liquor store for tequila which happens to not be a depressant, or so the Food Network tells me. Then time to make some chocolate chip cookie dough.

Maya said...

ice cream!

Christy said...

Oh! In Japan they had these ice cream sandwiches that I keep meaning to write about. In the center was chocolate, surrounded by ice cream, surrounded by a thin layer of chocolate and then that was surrounded entirely by a waffle cone like cover. Easy to eat and so tasty. Wish I had one now.