Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Pahk the Cah

In preparation for my return to school, I went to bed about 8:30pm last night, which means I missed "Fringe" and "House." To be fair I made the decision while still conscious, meaning I could've forced myself to stay awake, but I was reading "The Watchmen" and the covers were so cozy and the pillows so soft and I said, screw it. They'll be on again.

I asked a coworker for parking tips downtown and he suggested parking out by the stadiums, and so I did, saving myself at least $12. I feel good about this because I have roughly $50 in my checking account and for some reason I'd rather use that for food. I might feel bad about this later since it's a game night, but I will chance it to buy lunch another day.

In my parking research -- I take parking very seriously -- I came across a student's review of the community college where I'm taking my class. He said you have 3 types of people who take classes there: The middle-aged working stiffs who want to change jobs, losers who couldn't get into a real school, or people like him, overachieving high school students who want college credit. I remember when I was just as snotty. Feels like only yesterday... I would like to point out the flaw in his logic but I'm afraid he'd just retort that 30 *is* middle-aged.

I've taken classes at this school's North campus but this is the first time I've been out to the Main campus, hence the parking conundrum. I'd prefer to take a bus but I live in no-buses-after-7pm-land. It can be a bummer sometimes, but I forgive it for the view. You have to have a free parking sticker to use the school's lots on the Main campus, so I will try to pick one up tonight. Maybe since that's settled I can stop dwelling on it. What say you, brain?

More effort has gone into figuring out how to get to the school than acquiring school supplies. Practically unheard of! Before my dentist appointment yesterday morning I stopped into an Office Max/Depot and the binders were $7.99! And they weren't even Trapper Keepers with a bunch of pockets and zippers and Velcro. They were just stupid 3-ring binders with a fancy cover. I was not impressed. What's the point of a binder if it doesn't have secret pockets? I will just go back to my trusty Levenger folio until I have to clip papers into something.

Whoops. I started looking at Levenger when I copied the link. Bad bad bad. Now I want everything again.

Levenger is one of the only stores where spending $200 seems totally reasonable to me.

Okay. Time for almonds!

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