Saturday, September 27, 2008

I'm Greek so I have opionions about body hair

It's not that I particularly like hairy armpits on women, but I was just thinking about all the body modifications we do everyday to stay "normal." Hair grows from a lot of places. Some of it we encourage and some of it we rip, electrocute, slice, and pluck.

Who decided what to keep? Is it because head hair grows the longest, so it wins? We can "style" it and create a "look"? Or are we trying to distance ourselves from our close relative, the chimpanzee? Incidentally, if creationists were truly comfortable with their lack of evolutionary ties, shouldn't they be campaigning for not shaving at all? Who cares if we have hairy ape armpits because we're *not* related to them anyhow!

Just seems like we built complexity into our daily routine where it wasn't really needed. If it weren't for the cultural factor and the popular assumption that one way is better than another, we could shave a bunch of useless procedures out of our lives.

I would urge you to throw out your razors, creams, gels, wax, and cancel your electrolysis appointments, fight the power!, but frankly I don't care what you do with your body. It's too late for me anyway. I've already been conditioned to prefer the properly groomed, but I think it's always worth examining -- the mindless activities that preoccupy our time, especially the repetitive tasks. Examining and making conscious choices about how we spend our time are the only ways to reliably extend the quality of life -- since quantity is anybody's guess.

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