Monday, September 08, 2008

This and that

I've watched about 10 hours of "House" in the last 3 days. I'm not so sure it's good for me. Really tests hypochondriac tendencies to engage in medical drama immersion. You start to suspect every bruise and mole and pang of being something sinister.

The seals are barking loudly tonight. Never actually thought I'd live in a place where I could hear seals from my living room...

I put together another action figure auction which will go live on Thursday night. Next I'll be selling Ash from Army of Darkness, Move Maniacs 3 series. This rare 6 7/8 inch figure comes with a cute little evil Ash -- the original mini me. (The current 2 auctions go through this Sunday and you can see them here.)

In other news I am trying very hard not to spend any money, or at least to minimize spending. So to help reduce dining out costs, I put in an order for Tasty Bite. (If you join their mailing list they'll send you a coupon.) Voila. Add some brown rice and you've got a complete, cheap, easy, and satisfying meal. Plus you can pretend it's an MRE.

Now you know my terribly delicous secret. Use it well.

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Karen said...

10 hours? That's it? I think I watched almost the entire marathon on Sat/Sun, beginning to end. That's gotata be...what?....16? 20 hours? Something like that.

And when, the following day, I had a persistently recurring sharp pain in one thigh, I was absolutely convinced it was an evil, dreaded blood clot. :)

(Pain gone today. Guess I won't lose my leg after all...)