Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Not so shiny

Some crummy things have been going on lately. One of Jer's uncles passed this weekend. I only met him once or twice but he was an awesome guy. Way too young.

My sister had to evacuate over the weekend. She just bought a house in New Orleans a few months ago. I haven't heard from her in a couple of days but I am guessing she's okay.

The bathroom ceiling just started leaking.

Ever since I saw the water taxi "bump" the pier I haven't wanted to get on it. Silly, huh. At the same time I realize it's silly, I keep finding excuses not to get on it.

Since my trainer left, I haven't been back to the gym. I am in full avoidance mode.

Found out my parents had to put their dog to sleep. I was in high school when we got him. It was for the best.

I know I can choose how I let these things affect me. And there's no reason to let it pile up. Pay your respects, acknowledge your limitations, cut yourself some slack, take a break, take a deep breath... easy to say.

It'll pass.

I hesitate to even post this, but seems like there should be some kind of record. Strange this all happened in the last few weeks.


Lily said...

I'm sorry for your losses (you, Jer, and your parents). I thought about your sister as well with the evacuation, but besides being quite an excitable situation, I'm sure everything is OK with her.

Maya said...

Sorry to hear about your troubling times. Good thing you have those root beer floats to keep you company and dull the pain! I hope things get better soon.