Sunday, December 26, 2010

The 2010 Recap - Now with more brevity!

It's that narrow span between old and new that annually infects me with nostalgia. So let's share a brief recap of our hero's progress:

January - First gig as a corporate photographer. Spent most of the month sporting a heavily bruised face - I paid to have lasers remove discoloration caused by broken blood vessels around my nose and mouth. Ouch.

February - Bad mood. Read "The War of Art."

March - Tried to break out of my funk by going to concerts, new restaurants, the gym, and dyed my hair. Played racquetball for the first time in years.

April - Still struggling with motivation. I booked a two-week vacation for October. Jer and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary.

May - Painted our hallway orange. Started and stopped going to the gym again. Went to Phoenix for work. Visited Carkeek Park for the first time.

June - Discovered rhetoric and Hulu Desktop. Read Samuel Johnson's Rasselas and "Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion."

July - More writing rejection. Sold a couple of stock photos. Worked in the yard a lot. Discovered "Three Sheets." Family visited.

August - As a last resort, joined Weight Watchers. Started going to the gym again. Read a lot of weird fiction. Family visited.

September - Bought a motorcycle at auction. Got sick. Took a business trip to Illinois. Went to Penny Arcade Expo with friends from out-of-town.

October - Went to Paris, Prague, and Rome. Started playing Dungeons and Dragons with an awesome group.

November - It snowed. I cooked a lot. I submitted my resignation.

December - World of Warcraft's Cataclysm expansion released. Worked my last day. Hosted a party and rented my first keg. Flew to southern CA to visit family. Wrote and submitted a short play and a short story.

To summarize the summary, I spent the first third of the year in a funk. I spent the second third of the year trying to bust out of the funk. And then I spent the last third of the year putting the funk in perspective and taking control. Ironically, in order to take control I had to relinquish all of it.

We'll see how that works out for me in 2011.

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