Thursday, December 02, 2010

How I Shredded the Chicken, A Story in One Part

Last night I spent forever making chicken enchiladas because I needed to shred the chicken and I couldn't remember how -- not because the recipe calls for it, I just prefer it that way.

I know I've shredded chicken at least twice before, but all I could remember was it involves boiling the chicken, whole peppercorns, and two forks.

Maybe the instructions for shredding chicken are in one of my two thousand cookbooks, I thought. Couldn't find it. Was there a print out or an online bookmark I used? Couldn't find it. So there I was on the floor of our living room/dining room surrounded by "How to Cook Everything," "The Joy of Cooking," and twelve different Cook's Illustrated food porn tomes... aaaand nothing.

Hello, internet, let's dance.

For future Christy, which is one of the top five reasons I write here (search feature!), put chicken breasts in pot on stovetop. Cover with water. Add seasonings like six or so whole peppercorns and then dump a bunch of stuff in there you like. You could throw in some carrots, celery, and onions, but that is like a crapload of work and you won't be using the broth for anything anyway because you're lazy. Don't tell anyone but onion powder works okay here. You're going to season it to taste after you shred it anyway.

Once the water boils, simmer the chicken for 8-10 minutes. I did 10 and it might have been a little long. Then have at it with the forks.

So future Christy, there you go. I just saved you two hours of research because IT'S CHICKEN. WHAT IF I KILL EVERYONE WITH THE BACTERIA???

You won't.

Oh sure, there are other ways and tricks. This one works for me. Maybe next time I'll boil it in chicken broth. Or fix up one of them fancy mire poix platters.

Probably not.

I rolled the enchiladas and stored them in the refrigerator since I'm feeding them to people tonight. When I get home today I'll pour the sauce over them (homemade, even) and add a little more cheese before baking. I made a couple of test ones before bed and they were mighty tasty, if I do say so myself. And I do. Say that.

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