Sunday, December 05, 2010


Prepare to be mesmerized. Today is made of links.

Yesterday I went crazy with the Scotchgard.

We recently acquired these dining room chairs:

Ann Glenn Side Chairs from Dania

And this couch:

Mirak Sectional from Dania (in dark orange, no ottoman)

And while I love them very much, they were not ready for visitors. So I took the lint brush to each cushion until they were de-furred, and then sprayed the crap out of them with Scotchgard (lightly and with two coats).

I was not confident to test its effectiveness by say, spilling a pot of coffee on one of them, which means I'm releasing this upholstery into production as a beta candidate. Bugs expected; Woolite on standby.

Yesterday I was also successful in conquering the linens. Guest room is now ready for our Idaho friend -- once I make the bed instead of just draping the clean linens over it. Intent is two-thirds done, right? And we moved a glass cabinet out of a major traffic path, just in case things get Crazzzzy (will we stay up past 10???). In the cabinet's place I hung a couple of prints from Tiny Showcase.

One thing I am good at is finding art for a blank wall. Speaking of which... professional quality prints make excellent Christmas presents.

You can choose to go with the pensive, existentialist wall art:

Spiral Stairs in the Arc de Triomphe, Paris (Print for sale here)

Or the calm, serene, Zen wall art to decorate your meditation room:

Meiji Jingu Shrine Gyoen, Tokyo Teahouse (Print for sale here)

For something a little more traditional, may I recommend this one I have on my wall?:

Bundle of pink tulips - I wrote about the day I took this shot and got a parking ticket here (Print for Sale here)

For these and other exciting images, see the On Focus Photo Gallery. Where art meets commerce!

Have a fantastic day, everybody.

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