Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Failing Faster

I finished a rewrite of my newest ten-minute play and successfully submitted it this morning. Feedback won't come for a few months so it's on to the next thing. Have to build up the pipeline, as they say, and I figured it'd be a good exercise to have a few submissions under my belt before I tackle the big projects.

Must fail faster so I can improve my chances of success. Or, as they also said at my old job, quicken the feedback loop.

In the past I haven't thought much about structure or how to go about telling a story. I just put pen to paper and was surprised by what came out. Now I think I'll try something new. I bought a stack of 3x5 cards (and a 9V battery for the fire alarm, but this isn't about that) and I'm ready to try storyboarding.

Awhile back I picked up these note card bleachers in dark cherry from Levenger -- the most dangerous store on the internet:

Time to dust them off and see if this method works for me. In my quest to fail as fast as possible, I'm basically holding writing process try-outs ova here. Know any other contenders?


FreeRangeAuthor said...

Have you looked at the free, open source media scripting tool, CELTX??


Might be useful for your playwriting?

(Not much use if you're using a Mac.)

-- West Seattle

FreeRangeAuthor said...

Try using/showing tags on your posts.

It's a hassle trying to find your posts about the plays you've been writing - search brings up too many off "play" posts.

Blogs really get powerful when you use tags to group topics. Much nicer for your readers.

-- West Seattle

Christy said...

Thanks, FreeRangeAuthor. I'll look into tags. I don't know why I've never used them here, but it is silly not to have that search optimization in place.

I use Final Draft for playwriting, which I love. I haven't heard of CELTX; I'll check it out.

Even if you search the blog for legitimately tagged playwriting keywords you won't find much here after December 2004. I had a few plays staged in Santa Barbara, CA, and I've come close to winning a contest or two. Then I stopped.

You could say this blog's focus has shifted to picking up where I left off.

Christy said...

FreeRangeAuthor, tags are working now. I'll go back and add to the older entries. Thanks again for the feedback.