Monday, April 07, 2008

No deal

The day was short and I'm negotiating with time who is not at all impressed. Won't even meet me half-way, the stinker.

Work work work. Mad dash to the gym to get punished by my trainer. Raced for the bus, found two boxes of bookmarks at the mailbox, put a frozen tray of enchiladas in the oven, assembled a bookmark, liked it but decided I need labels for the back-side, found a printing place online, whipped up a template, ordered a proof, and ate a big plate of enchiladas.

Earlier today I ordered a vinyl banner for my booth. Man I hope these things turn out. It's been ages since I worked with a printer.

Oh and yesterday I developed the product info sheet that will go out with each matted print. It's got a lot of words on it. (Buy a print and you'll see.) Entered 56 prints into my new inventory system (what I set up in MS Access) and now they're ready to sell. Still need to order more prints. And do laundry. I hope I have clean pants. I've found that dirty pants aren't a good enough reason to stay home.

And while I'm sitting here I realize I'm pretty sleepy. Been relying too much on coffee as fuel, but two stints on the Quad Mill and squats with the 30 pound barbell has left me running empty. I need to finish the chapter I'm reading in my book -- been aiming for 1 per week; they're long chapters. Need to call the guy back from merchant services and give them all my money for a wireless terminal -- but they're closed now so I'm off the hook for today. And I need to quit thinking about my stocks. (Christy, you can't afford any new ones and it'd be stupid to sell the ones you have so LET IT GO.)

Also, the end of the month is awfully far away. It's going to take some getting used to again, this getting paid once-a-month thing.

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