Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What's Luck Got to Do With It

I am a lucky person; here is my story.

Today I received my very first monthly paycheck and I was so excited. I said, "Yeah!" and pumped my fist at the heavens repeatedly, like some sort of hair band music video. Then I carefully endorsed the back of the check and wrote my account number and the words "For Deposit Only," folded it up tight, and stuck it in my jacket pocket.

I laughingly entertained the notion that the check would wriggle its way out of my pocket, so just in case, I kept fingering the paper, confirming its papery presence.

I skipped down 5 flights of stairs, climbed a couple of hills, put my hand in my pocket and ... nothing. No check. My debit card was there, my pen, my phone. No check.

Heart beating fast.

I spun on my heels and scanned the sidewalk, the gutter, the wind is kicking up, which direction, nooooo. I lightly jogged down the hill, from whence I came, saw lots of scrap paper, hadn't gone far when outside Mae Phim Thai -- a folded up piece of paper, signature up.

Heart is now hummingbird-wing fast.

Sunglasses low on my nose, I casually reach down in front of the 5-10 people waiting for their take-out meals, and scoop up my ENDORSED check for one month of my salary, 1/12 of my annual pay.

And that, my friend, THAT is what wins me the luckiest gal of the day award.

For the rest of the walk to the bank, I clutch the check in my sweaty hands, thanking the unseen and almighty forces of the universe for this monumental and unexpected kindness.

The end.

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