Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sunday is Fun Day

I decided to make an adventure out of checking on my friends' cat this morning, so I rewarded myself with a trip to Alki Bakery. I had a tasty cranberry orange muffin and a large mocha, no whip.

It's been ages since I had a muffin. I contemplated getting a fruit cup instead, but muffins are much more adventurous than fruit cups. It's a fact.

I wrote my morning pages and stared outside for awhile, tuning out the chatter and low-level background music. I miss silence. Everywhere I go is meaningless noise, machine hums and cell phone twittering. I don't know how anyone thinks about anything ever. Maybe that is what is missing. A quiet moment to be alone with my thoughts. Find a park or go for a hike.

Even right now I can hear so many things. Whirring of a computer server in our office mixed with its high-pitched whistle, a series of birds chirping, an airplane, cars driving past, me typing, a lawnmower, the fan on Jer's computer, sometimes sea lion barks but not right now, a person talking as they walk by.

And I'm alone in a quiet room. With the window cracked. Do I even know what silence is anymore?

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