Monday, November 23, 2009

Hello, decadence

I am oh-fficially on vacation for the next six days. Yep, just me in my home office. Door shut to the cats. Par-ty.

I've just reached page 45 of my play and it's all about the next six days. I've got about 25 pages until I hit the minimum finishing point. And, what the hell, I should pin down a title and find the ending while I'm at it.

Or I could just hit page 70 and stop. Write something like, "And then the world exploded. Good night and be good to one another."

If I could predict anything, it would be that the next six days will bring lots of procrastination, possibly a newly painted room, and stuffing my face. We picked a paint color, "October Mist" by Benjamin Moore and I've masked off a door. Just the one though. I got bored and wandered away.

Hey, I know what I need to kick start this grand writing extravaganza: white russians.

It is good to be a grownup.


Maya said...

Woo Hoo! Painting party. Writing party. Pass a White Russion!

Carla SBD said...

YOU are amazing. Is there anything you DON'T do?

Christy said...

Carla: Windows!

Seriously though, they always streak.