Thursday, November 26, 2009

Now with more meteors

Now that the play is over two-thirds done I need to write a synopsis, which means I should know what it's about.

For the few who may have seen "Lifeblood" I'm sticking with my favorite formula: one character, built out of vignettes. Only in this play she is guided by an imaginary friend, and she's a smartass scientist-in-training. She's partial to physics but doesn't believe learning should be reduced to easy categories.

This play could be interpreted as my version of the coming of age, road-trip teen story.

But with more meteors. And less road.

On a personal note, this play is my love letter to science. And since I am uncomfortable with proper feelings, I've inserted a lot of dry humor. Like the salami of dialogue.

Cured and dried, people.

I woke this morning with another idea for tying up loose ends. So that's worth noting.

I'm not actually sure what the hell I'm doing, but hey, it's still happening.

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Maya said...

Oooh, sounds good! I can't wait to watch it...