Thursday, November 19, 2009

Semi-elaborating on the unsecret project

Tonight I hit a minor milestone with the project formerly known as secret. I reached the halfway point, so I will provide another spoiler.

It is a play. For the first time in 4ish years I am writing a play. It is still untitled.

Okay, one more spoiler. It features a character named after my favorite alcoholic beverages. PBR Laphroaig.

That last spoiler isn't true, but maybe it should be. Sir PBR Laphroaig sounds like a fellow I would very much like to know better, old chap. What, ho!

I am one day behind schedule because I didn't write last Saturday. I aim for 2 new pages each day, after edits, which are copious and constant.

And last night I joined twitter. Finally. So you can all stop now and move onto the next big thing. My twitter name, not unlike my stripper name, is follyblaine.


Maya said...

Oooh, fun! Good luck with the play formerly known as the secret formerly known as the thing!

Christy said...

Heh, thanks Maya! It's coming along slowly but surely. It'd probably go faster if I disabled the internet. :)