Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Exhibit B is for Boxes

Chiana is most interested in all of the mysterious boxes that I am about to inventory. Here is a window into my life:


Lily said...

She knows that as soon as the stuff is out, it's her (and Vash's)new tunnel. She's just claiming her territory.

By the way, the Feb 13 photo blog picture makes me want to go to the beach...that and the 23 degree temperature.

Christy said...

You got that right. The broken down boxes are propped along the hallway and the cats spent most of the night chasing each other around and through them.

They have many pet store toys, but their favorites continue to be: boxes, straws, and wine corks.

Speaking of the photo blog... I wouldn't mind a day at the beach myself, though at least we had a little sun and blue sky today. Thanks again for being such a good sport on that photo shoot. :)