Sunday, February 03, 2008

I am addressing people who aren't you, of course

A couple of days ago I noticed somebody "borrowing" one of my photoblog images. Normally this would be flattering, except they were linking directly to the image and using my bandwidth without giving me credit. So I added a big ol' URL across the middle of the photo and I'm waiting to see what happens. Hey, free advertising!

In case you were wondering, my philosophy is that it's not cool to flat out steal images or written content. You can sugarcoat it however you want, but when you copy and paste anything without giving credit, especially when you can't be bothered to host the content on your own server, that's pretty much stealing to me. I don't mind anybody re-using my work as long as I'm credited and, for commercial purposes, written permission has been obtained. But for general Internet usage, I'd settle for a byline or a link back. To me that's just common decency.

I realize lecturing the Internet on common decency is about as futile as buying a lotto ticket, so I went through all of my images on the photoblog and stamped my URL across each one. I was hoping I wouldn't have to do that, but I'd prefer this didn't happen again. Bandwidth costs money.

I successfully made a batch of fudge last night, which is exciting. My previous attempt several years ago ended in a soupy brown mess, but this turned out pretty tasty. I also put together a few more note cards last night and made my first T-hinge to mat prints.


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