Friday, February 08, 2008

Grand Plan, Poor Execution

I had a minor misadventure with my camera last night involving its battery, a white sheet, a garbage bag, and my tripod.

Let me back up a step.

I am submitting an application to the Northwest Crafts Alliance and I need 4 pictures of my work. I want these pictures to be really good, since that's sort of what I do. So I set up a makeshift studio on the kitchen table, with an artfully draped white sheet over some cardboard boxes, another box to prop up the matted print, and positioned my tripod and flash.

Only the white sheet washed out the white mat in front of it (obviously) so I rooted around the house for some black fabric. I came up with a garbage bag and my exercise shirt. I happily clicked away for a minute, when all of a sudden, my battery dies. Poof. Dead. (This happens when you go a whole month without charging it.)

Only then! Then I couldn't remember where I'd put my charger. I hadn't used it since my trip to San Diego. (It didn't help that I was mildly inebriated.) I spent one whole hour wandering around my apartment, opening drawers, unzipping backpacks, and staring forlorning at the wall. Eventually insight struck, at about the same moment as my bedtime. I opened my desk drawer and found it under my newly acquired business license.

Guess I'll try again tonight. Bah.

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