Sunday, December 07, 2008

apathy to start the week

I only used the d700 for about a half hour and then I put it away. It's awesome, exactly what I wanted, and there are lots of new buttons to learn about. Better to take it slowly. We have time.

Been playing more WoW. I am being scolded that it is not World of AuctionCraft. Yet, my enchanter needs gold to buy stuff so he can level and make better stuff. It is neverending.

Sunday night and I managed to replace the halogen light in the living room, wrap a few presents (poorly), and pack them for shipping. I also renewed my city business license and ran a few errands last night with Jer. ... and that's it.

It is a slow and lazy month. I am supposed to know more about XSD and XSLT than I do. But that's what tomorrow is for. Tonight I am just not up to participating in productive society.

I sure hope I have enough clean clothes for tomorrow. Durn.

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