Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Where'd everybody go?

I walked into work this morning a little later than usual at 8am, surprised to find the lights still off. Apparently there is a big storm a'comin' (at least big by Seattle standards), and there is ice treachery and snow madness to the North of us, soon to be sweeping to a home near me.

The irony is it was my easiest commute day this week; I only waited 15 minutes for a bus with chains to pull up instead of 25.

As my main winter accessory, I have selected a comically long white scarf from H&M, which is ever so soft, yet on close inspection resembles chains of cheese curds. I feel like Great Father Winter whenever I wear it and look down over a billow of white hanging from my chin.

Warmth supersedes looking silly in my fashion handbook.

I put my foot down, in a totally passive-aggressive way, and informed everyone in my company (which sounds more impressive than it actually is) that I am bringing meatballs to work next Tuesday at noon, and if they want to eat them that'd be awesome. Oh? And if they wanted to bring food too, I totally wouldn't mind. In fact, let's call it a Holiday Potluck, just for fun. And I'll schedule it on Outlook. Won't that be fun?

I am forcing good cheer down their throats. And meatballs.

The last 2 nights I've played World of Warcraft (surprise!), and got past a wall I hit with my Tauren Warrior back when I stopped a couple of years ago. Since my gaming epiphany, I've managed to advance almost 3 levels to 44 and I am more proud than you would expect to have done what I've done.

I am brewing coffee for myself and idly glancing at my to do list. I wonder if anyone will come in and entertain me.

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