Sunday, December 14, 2008

To catch you up

Good day to you.

It was a busy week. Tuesday night, shopped for a dress. Wednesday night, happy hour and wrapped Jer's Christmas and birthday presents. Thursday night, met up with Courtney to see Jonathan Richman at the Triple Door, which was a lot of fun. The Triple Door is how I've always pictured a dinner club. People serve you food; you enjoy the show. No opening band, just two guys on a stage, some twinkly lights that look like stars on the backdrop behind them, and a bottle of red Zin. Fun times.

Friday night, Jer's birthday. I left work about 2:30pm, stopped at the grocery store, then came home to play WarCraft until 2am. It's what Jer wanted to do and birthday boy gets what he wants.

Saturday night, Jer's holiday party. Also, it snowed. As I sit here now in our office, I can see a patchy blanket of white on the trees and the ground. Cold but pretty.

My hands smell like coffee. I am still in my pajamas wearing fingerless pink and black stripped gloves with white skulls on them. It's about as close to Christmas feeling as I get.

Friday I am supposed to hear news about some big happenings at work. I really hope the day hurries up and arrives.


Susan said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


George said...

Don't trust Susan. She says nice things at first, but then on the second date she tries to sell you insurance.

Christy said...

Ha. I was going to delete the comment, but then I started to think how awesome it'd be if we were all sponsored by companies and they forced us to use their URLs in our signatures. In exchange for food. Or heat. Or pet ownership.

I ended up with an elaborate futuristic fantasy revolving around Susan selling her soul to a corporation, endlessly trolling the Internet for a way to get noticed just for herself -- not for her advertisement. Screaming in a vacuum of her own creation.

For fueling my daydreams, she may stay.

Lily said...

I have the Ice Cream Man song in my head...make it stop, it's been hours and is no longer "a neat, a neat, a neat".

Brought to you today by Compnay B and Internet2.

George said...

endlessly trolling the Internet for a way to get noticed just for herself -- not for her advertisement. Screaming in a vacuum of her own creation

Hey, that's my life! In a different gender!

danf said...

Hey, someone wrote a book that is a bit like your futuristic fantasy, Jennifer Government by Max Barry.

Note: This is not a sponsored link.

Further Note: My word verification was "furchili". That is my favorite new word.