Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy In Between Holiday Time

It was a low key Christmas this year. Just me and Jer, the cats, a stack of presents, snow, and World of Warcraft. I'm not complaining. We were both spoiled and received a lot of very nice things.

I got almost entirely cooking items such as cookbooks and cooking implements -- I asked for them, it was not a statement on my abilities. My mother even got me a stand mixer, which is awesome.

I guess I will learn to bake now. :)

The snow seems to have all melted leaving behind startingly green grass. I am looking forward to getting back on a schedule and riding the bus reliably again. Although I just looked at the web site and they are operating reduced weekday schedules for my bus this week, which is stupid, since it only runs during commuter time anyway. And it's not entirely clear what "reduced weekday" means. I am getting really really sick of this.

It just translates to a lot of time standing on the street with my fingers crossed.

But now is not a time for bitterness. It is a time for laundry.

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