Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sometimes I get drunk by design

West Seattle Blog has been a great resource during this whole winter weather extravaganza. This morning I saw an article linked explaining why the city shuts down at snow sign: Seattle refuses to salt. Apparently they just pack the snow down by design. In my business we say "by design" when we really mean "we don't want to fix it and we don't want to talk about it anymore, okay?"

I am working from home again. I rescheduled the holiday potluck and my meetings are all set up as conference calls, but it still feels like cheating. There is no reason to go in now though, so I should just let it go. As for my half.com sale, I used the post office Web site to print postage and since it's under 13 ounces I can drop it in the mailbox.

We are all about problem solving over here.

And in a minute we will be all about brewing coffee.


Maya said...

Too bad I don't live near you. I'd come over for some of that coffe and avoiding working at home...

Christy said...

That sounds good, Maya. I am not a big fan of this working from home stuff anyway. And I bought an extra bag of coffee last time I was at the store. Party in West Seattle! :)