Saturday, December 20, 2008

Grocery Shopping and Post Office: Starring Frightful Weather

We just braved the weather and returned triumphant from the grocery store and post office. Once we left Harbor Ave behind, the streets were not as ice and snow covered so we were able to get up the hill on Avalon, no problem. As you may expect the post office and grocery store (Safeway by the Alaska Junction) were both very very crowded.

Surrounded by carts and people and narrow aisles... I have never had a panic attack, but that was as close as I ever want to come. Luckily I made a list and focusing on checking off items made it into a game.

I have now obtained ingredients for kale and chorizo soup and we have stocked up on other main supplies, including a bottle of Eos Red Zinfandel and a liter of club soda to go with the Ginger Vodka. There will be no starving, or possibly sobriety. I even bought my holiday potluck contribution, which assumes the buses will be running on Tuesday. Doesn't look good so far.

At the grocery store, it started to snow again, right on schedule. There's this other big storm rolling in now, I guess, and this is all very strange for Seattle. I am just happy we made it to the store and back without any difficulty, after brushing the 4 inches of snow off my car.

And now it is back to World of Warcraft. Whee!

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