Monday, December 22, 2008

Crème Brûlée Snow

It's 8pm, note that. I just went downstairs and cleared the snow off my car, snow covered by thin sheets of ice that cracked like caramelized sugar when pressed upon, covered by more powdery snow.

I sunk a good 6 inches to the ground as I brushed and cracked and swept and cursed.

I would really like to make it into work tomorrow and at least get my laptop, but the weather report says it will freeze tonight and snow tomorrow night, which means no buses. I am a big wuss and don't really want to drive in a town full of hills and bridges that only owns 27 plows with rubber tips. But then I feel like I am making excuses and I need to mail my sale and deposit my reimbursement check, but bah. I could barely clear my front window of ice, why do I think it'll be better after it has all night to freeze solid?

I am clearly not cut out for this.

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