Sunday, December 21, 2008

It Just Keeps Coming...

As far as I can tell, it snowed all night. When I went to bed after midnight it was still falling, wind was still blustery, and the line between street and sidewalk had continued melding to become a distant memory.

It's stopped for now, but the weather report says it isn't finished. If the timing weren't so bad it'd be a lot more fun. I'm supposed to get into work tomorrow to sign benefits paperwork to prevent an interruption in service. Apparently life keeps happening even when the city shuts down. I will see if the forms can be emailed, I guess.

Check out this news story. Two buses hang over I-5 after sliding down a steep hill. Scary.

I know if you're reading this in a place where snow is common, this doesn't make much sense to you. I might seem to be blowing it out of proportion. I mean, it's just a few inches of snow, right? I saw this linked today about Seattle and snow, and it helped put it in persective.

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