Monday, August 29, 2011

An August Summary

Seeing as it's the end of August, let's recap bullet-point-style.

  • Attended William Gibson's reading at UW
  • Attended Pacific Northwest Writer's Association Conference and moderated a session for urban fantasy author, Yasemine Galenorn
  • Sold my first story to Every Day Fiction and saw it published on August 23rd (Eau de Public Transit)
  • Hosted my first guest post (Martin King's Plants)
  • Attended three days of Penny Arcade Expo (PAX)
  • Received 3 rejections
  • Submitted 2 stories for a total of 5 active submissions
  • Had a birthday
  • Registered to attend Foolscap in September and Steamcon in October
  • Took my car in for emissions testing and passed. w00t.

When I list it all out like that I don't feel so lazy -- though two submissions isn't that many. For September, I'll work on increasing that number.

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