Sunday, August 28, 2011

Photos from Day 3 of PAX

A Bloody Mary is a perfect breakfast food.

On day three of PAX, I tried something new: Being Social. I joined a friend and went to a PAX Girls' Meetup for Sunday brunch at the Diller Room in downtown Seattle. It was a nice opportunity to meet some like-minded ladies.

Expo Hall Crowds

When I got to the Expo Hall, I remembered I do not like crowds so much. Bloody Marys help with that, by the way, if you ever find yourself in a similar situation.

SSX Booth, YAY

SSX Tricky was one of those games Jer and I could play together for hours. We still quote it sometimes, and I was sad to have to set it aside. The new SSX game should be out around January.

Just Dance 3 - Audience Participation

Really fun to watch people in costume doing the dance moves.

The game, Firefall, had a neat promo activity, where you'd go on a scavenger hunt and take photos and video of yourself in front of statues or with unsuspecting staff holding up the Firefall logo. At first it was fun, and I earned a cool knit hat.

After about 10 of these--as you can see by my face in this last picture--it got a little tedious.

Jer also took a video of me saying, "I love Firefall!" on the street outside the convention center. I look deranged. That video will probably not see the light of day. However, we did earn him a very nice sweatshirt which he will be wearing the crap out of.

Thus ends my account of Penny Arcade Expo 2011.

Thanks for playing the home game.

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