Monday, August 22, 2011

Should've, Could've, Coffee!

Today is my last day home-alone. I haven't used the time all that efficiently, but you couldn't beat the company. (Har, har). I watched some movies, saw the live stream of the Hugo Awards, posted that list of book recommendations (finally) and had one of my stories critiqued.

I plan to submit my story today or tomorrow to an anthology. I should also be writing a ten-minute play, but I haven't started it yet. My productivity seems to have gone down lately -- don't think I haven't noticed, brain. Though I do have to remember that last month's surge of productivity was a buildup of two months' worth of work realized.

Rationalization, yay.

I've had two rejections this month, and have written around 8,000 new words, but that seems low. Like, I can do better. So, as you can see, I'm going through one of those beat-myself-up phases.

So let's be positive! Tomorrow my first story sale will appear over at It'll be my first fiction on the internet, ever... if you don't count that time I submitted an ending for Twin Peaks to a contest held by Bravo, years and years ago, and my piece was a winner.

I don't count that.

Tomorrow you'll get to read a tale of dark doings on the metro, when a mysterious and smelly man turns the morning commute upside-down.

Maybe I should've just called it Mwahahahaha! But no. It's "Eau de Public Transit."

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