Saturday, August 27, 2011

Guest post by Martin King - Plants

Today I'm turning my blog over to Martin King, fellow writer/blogger. He's challenged himself to write 100 posts on 100 different blogs during the month of August under the topic, childhood memories. So without further ado, here's Martin's post "Plants."

When I was younger – which is pretty obvious seeing as these stories are all about childhood memories – I ended up with a bedroom full of flowers. But not just any flowers mind you. No these were Geranium dissectum. Apparently there are 422 species, which I only know because I had to look up how to spell its name. More commonly known to you and me as Geranium.

My story starts a little before then. There was this old lady I used to call in on my way home from school. It just sort of happened and I would see if she needed anything. More often than not, it was just the company. But she was so grateful for my company she always wanted to give me something. She didn’t have much and I didn’t like taking anything, but she had this special aversion for Geraniums.

So every time I would call, she would give me a Geranium cutting. That meant that I could pot the stem and it would grow into a new plant all by itself. Within a short time, I had a bedroom full of plant pots which in turn were full of new Geraniums.

Now for those who don’t know much about them let me tell you...they stink! Yes my bedroom reeked with this awful weird smell. Ever since then I have never owned a single one since. I hate them with a passion. Sorry to all you Geranium lovers.

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