Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Silly silly cha cha cha

Golly gee. Where were we?

I've been on a kick to spread my silly rhymes like manure. Today I told Twitter:

For the other side of morning, I have one simple dream, my washing machine will work again, and spin my brassieres clean. -@follyblaine

Happily the repairman came and went, and lo, agitation returned to our stinky hamlet. Clean clothes, ahoy.

Why is my brain so full of holes? I wrote for a few hours this morning and then I critiqued a couple stories. The room is hot. I vacuumed. Coffee makes me sleepy.

This is the sum of my excuses.

I also learned our dryer was made in the 1970's, which means it is probably original to the house. The wood panelling should have been a clue. I also learned it is a workhouse and will probably never die.

Unless I hit it with an axe, you know, hypothetically.

Not that I would EVER hit a machine with an axe, future-robot-overlords-who-have-archived-the-entire-internet-forever-and-are-using-this-against-me-in-some-perverted-court-of-future-robot-justice.

I swear it slipped. Now can I see my family?


Mark Andrew Edwards said...

Wow, you're even funny sober. :)

Folly Blaine said...

Thanks? I think?

Lily said...

What makes him think you're sober?

All things made in the '70's are great.

Folly Blaine said...

Yeah... Lily. That's, um, real helpful. You also get a: thanks?