Tuesday, August 09, 2011

A request for book suggestions

My unoriginal take on birthdays is that they're a good time for self-reflection and goal setting -- my own personal New Year's. So when I tell you my birthday is tomorrow, you might jump to some conclusions about how I'm spending my time this week.

Yep, tangible goal setting.

And as part of this, I have a question for you. What are one or more books that have taken you out of the moment? A book that swept you up so strongly by its language, you forgot who you were?

I'm looking for all genres, recent or classic, from Sookie to Ender to Proust. I want to know what combination of words worked for you.

What novel or short story would you be afraid to read on a bus because you might miss your stop?

Please tell me the story's author and title in the comments. And thanks.

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Folly Blaine said...

I know its sparse here, but I am getting lots of great suggestions on Facebook and Twitter. When it's all over, I'll write a summary post to link it all together, but in the mean time, please feel free to add your suggestions to the comments. Thanks!