Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Recent social activities and PNWA

Our recent spate of sunny days coincided with an urge to be social, which is good. Saturday was a party at a friend's, Sunday was bowling with friends, Monday meant meeting Jer at the driving range, tonight we're going to hear William Gibson speak.

Later this week I will be attending the Pacific Northwest Writer's Association Conference. And on Saturday, August 6th, I will be a moderator for author Yasmine Galenorn's presentation on urban fantasy. I'm looking forward to that.

Also, yesterday the heating and air conditioning guys finished their work. Our ducts are sealed, the return vent has been moved, and we have a fresh air connection to the outside world. I'm pleased.

The plan for today is to write, eat leftovers, and drink coffee. I only hope I am up to the challenge.

Wish me luck.

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