Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Failing at patience again

Although I have around six stories out, only one would receive publication if selected. So I'm getting just a little antsy thinking how far behind I am.

Crazy, huh? The things my brain worries about...

I've got a Write 1 Sub 1 story started, and I spent the last day rewriting a short story whose first draft I finished last July. I think I'm on the fourth draft now? It's definitely a lot better than it was, at least. Much tighter and with an actual point.

I already have a couple places in mind to send the rewritten story, but neither of them would mean publication either. I really need to get some new stories finished and circulating.

Today was the first day Jer went back to work in a couple of weeks and I wish he didn't have to. It's been nice having him around, and it didn't affect my productivity too much. In a perfect world we could both work from home all the time, so I guess that's another goal to aspire to. You know, making money. Always a good goal.


Dawn said...

Where are your stories going that they won't see publication? Is that a temporary phase of their existence?

Folly Blaine said...

Yep, temporary. Contests and workshop submissions and such. I won't hear back on a couple for another year.

Congrats again on that great review!

Mark Andrew Edwards said...

Don't let your brain push you around. :) Keep writing and keep submitting, you're already doing it. And doing it well.

Keep kicking ass.

Nicole said...

Did you submit to the Potlatch writer's workshop by chance? I feel like I folded my story up into a paper airplane and flew it into a black hole with that one. The workshop is coming up soon, but I have no idea when to expect a response!

Folly Blaine said...

Thanks, Mark. :)

Nicole, I haven't yet, but I was thinking about it. I also still need to submit my registration. I should do that tomorrow. Hey, we're at the Wayward and we were wondering if you knew that?

Nicole said...

FYI the Potlatch people just updated the website. The instructor is David D. Levine, and apps are due on Jan 31. (Now I wish I had submitted a more impressive story, oh well).

I didn't forget about Wayward Writers but my Thursdays have gotten complicated. I'll be hit and miss for a bit, unfortunately, but next week looks clear.